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In New Orleans, City Cracking Down on Bandit Signs

Hallelujah! The City of New Orleans is now taking an active role in removing bandit signs and fining violators.

At a City Council meeting June 2, Mike Sherman, Mayor Landrieu's director of intergovernmental affairs, listed several new developments:
  • The Department of Parks & Parkways has removed 9,500 signs since January.
  • Two frequent violators were prosecuted in Municipal Court.
  • An employee from the Department of Sanitation is now dedicated to sign removal.
  • Citizens can call (504) 658-4015 to report bandit signs.
  • Violators now receive a phone call and letter advising them to remove their signs, after which they risk fines.

You can watch Sherman’s presentation here, around the 16-minute mark.

At the same meeting, Councilmember Stacy Head introduced an amendment to the City Code simplifying and clarifying the law on bandit signs. The Departments of Sanitation and Parks and Parkways are now authorized to invoice individuals and entities responsible for bandit signs. The revised ordinance also provides for an administrative appeal process. If an administrative appeal is denied, additional fines and community service may also apply.

Here's a story on the amendment from WGNO, which includes the updated version of the bandit sign law:
New Orleans Councilwoman Cracks Down on Illegal Signs,0,2572233.story

And here's the Times Picayune's version:
New Orleans City Council passes ordinance to crack down on 'bandit signs' in neutral grounds

I'm heartened by these developments and hope the city continues with these initiatives. Although there are still plenty of signs out there, the roads are definitely looking better these days.


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